Why former UFC star Nate Diaz stopped eating meat

UFC veteran Nate Diaz recently opened up about his decision to cut meat from his diet, citing significant improvements in his physique as the main reason behind his dietary choice.

Apart from his notorious attitude and formidable performance, former UFC star Nate Diaz is renowned for his exceptional cardio. Throughout his MMA career, the Stockton native showcased impressive stamina and a robust physique, enabling him to triumph over numerous tough opponents in high-paced action.

Diaz attributes his success not only to rigorous training but also to his adherence to a raw vegan diet. Although he still consumes seafood and eggs, Diaz made the switch to a vegan lifestyle at the age of 18, thanks to the influence of his brother and fellow UFC legend, Nick Diaz.

Even at 38 years old, Diaz remains committed to his vegan diet. In a recent appearance, he revealed that he has never medically examined the effects of his dietary choices, relying solely on how his body feels, especially during weight cuts.

“I just know what I feel. I do everything by feel. Like… what feels better. When I stopped eating meat… I loved eating meat, all of them. That was my thing. So I started cutting weight and tried everything I could. Working out and running all day on a diet… exhausted,” Diaz shared with Bradley Martyn.

Nick Diaz advised him to quit meat and cheese to shed weight more effectively. Following his brother’s advice, Diaz experienced a noticeable drop in weight, even while performing similar workouts, by merely eliminating meat and dairy from his diet.

Initially, Diaz considered adopting a vegan diet only during his fight preparations to manage his weight. However, after trying to revert to a meat-inclusive diet post-match, he felt unwell and struggled to engage in regular exercises like jogging. Consequently, Diaz chose to embrace the vegan lifestyle permanently.

“I fought. Then afterward I was like, ‘Let’s have some meat.’ Then I eat some meat and my stomach would get all jacked up,” Diaz recalled.

In September of last year, Nate Diaz parted ways with the UFC, concluding his career with 21 wins and 13 losses. Nevertheless, he is not leaving the fighting scene entirely, as he is set to enter the boxing ring. On August 5, at the American Airlines Center in Texas, he will square off against internet celebrity Jake Paul in an exciting boxing match.

By adopting a meat-free diet, Nate Diaz has discovered the benefits of improved physical well-being, contributing to his outstanding performance and unwavering dedication in and outside of the MMA world.