When UFC’s Mike Perry leveled tennis playing girlfriend during a sparring session

UFC sensation Mike Perry made headlines a while ago after a sparring session with his then girlfriend, professional tennis player Danielle Nickerson, took an unexpected turn, raising eyebrows and igniting controversy within the combat sports community.

Known for his formidable presence in the welterweight division and his polarizing persona, Perry, also known as “Platinum,” has often courted controversy with his outspoken demeanor and unapologetic approach. His video, titled “Platinum Punishment,” showcased a playful yet intense sparring session between Perry and Nickerson, offering fans a glimpse into their dynamic relationship.

In the video, Perry, a 170-pound welterweight with a record of 12-4 in his MMA career, engages in lighthearted exchanges with Nickerson, tapping her head and body as they spar. However, the mood shifts when Perry delivers a left-hook to Nickerson’s body, causing her to step back and concede defeat, albeit in good spirits.

Despite the physicality of the spar, Nickerson embraces Perry and shares a moment of affection, emphasizing the playful nature of their interaction. Perry, acknowledging Nickerson’s efforts, commends her performance and shares a tender moment with his girlfriend, reflecting their mutual support and camaraderie.

Nickerson’s involvement in Perry’s training regimen extends beyond sparring sessions, as she assisted him with meal preparation and even serves as a cornerwoman during his fights. Additionally, Perry reciprocates by aiding Nickerson in her fitness training, showcasing their shared dedication to their respective athletic pursuits.

Nickerson went on to level some hard charges at Perry’s door and the two subsequently divorced. Perry is now married to his corner woman Latori Gonzales and the two have two kids together.