When UFC’s Derrick Lewis ate an entire feast just before his main event, and gassed hard

Renowned for his knockouts in the UFC, Derrick Lewis emerges as one of the roster’s most naturally entertaining stars.

His candid comments have made him a favourite to fans, solidifying his status as a genuine crowd-pleaser. While enthusiasts of the UFC’s heavyweight division undeniably count Lewis among their favorite competitors, it’s his actions before and after his match that truly set him apart as a fan-favorite athlete.

A picture from 2017 has recently gone viral online. It captures Lewis devouring a plate of chicken and a full rack of ribs backstage at Auckland’s Vector Arena in New Zealand, just before his bout.

This iconic image was initially captured by MMA coach Robert Follis. Recently, it quickly became viral across the internet.

In 2017, Mark Hunt brought an end to Derrick Lewis’ impressive six-bout winning streak in the UFC’s heavyweight division. The much-anticipated clash took place during UFC Fight Night at New Zealand’s Vector Arena. Hunt showcased his skill by tactically controlling the bout.

He strategically pinned Lewis against the cage, delivering relentless body shots. Referee Marc Goddard ultimately called the match in Hunt’s favor, despite Lewis remaining on his feet. Lewis ended up accepting the decision without dispute.

Despite Lewis’ age advantage of 11 years, he displayed signs of fatigue as early as the second round. He kept his hands lowered hands and his chin was exposed as well. Although Lewis initially found success with his of low and high kicks, it’s speculated that this tactic may have contributed to his energy depletion.

This resurgence of the viral image prompts speculation about whether Lewis’ huge meal before the match played a role Lewis’ fatigue.

The wo-time UFC heavyweight title contender embraced the opportunity to step into the octagon against Jailton Almeida in Brazil on November 4. Lewis will be replacing Curtis Blaydes in a highly anticipated five-round showdown.