When Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz redefined what it means to hate your opponent

Georges St-Pierre is the UFC Hall of Famer and former two-division champion. He has earned a reputation as one of the nicest guys in the sport.

However, his rivalry with Nick Diaz might suggest otherwise. Fans have been speculating whether St-Pierre really hated Diaz, and a documentary called ‘Takedown: The DNA of GSP’ revealed a side of St-Pierre that left many MMA fans wide eyed.

St-Pierre’s Grudges Against Nick Diaz

Their feud and rivalry was one of the most famous in UFC history. St-Pierre seemed to despise Diaz’s wild behavior, while Diaz made it even more heated with his gangster attitude.

They finally met inside the octagon at UFC 158 in 2013, and St-Pierre dominated Diaz in a five-round bout, ultimately winning the grudge match via unanimous decision. Despite the match having ended, fans were still talking about their heated rivalry.

St-Pierre’s Surgery Revelation

In the documentary ‘Takedown: The DNA of GSP’, there was a segment where they filmed St-Pierre after he just woke up from undergoing surgery.

Fans were surprised by what St-Pierre said in his first words after waking up. He said, “I’m going to kick Diaz’s a*s”, and he also cussed at Diaz, which is quite rare coming from him. The clip gained fans’ attention on social media, and St-Pierre’s hate for Diaz became the talk of the town once again.

St-Pierre’s Genuine Hatred for Diaz

St-Pierre’s words after the surgery reveal that his grudge against Diaz was genuine.

He said, “He is a motherf*cker, man. He laughs now. Wait for me to come back in a year, man. I’ll f*ck him up. Can’t wait man. That’s why I wanted to fight this guy so bad. I hate him so much. I hope he wins his fights all the way through so I’ll fight him again and beat him up.”

Even in a hospital bed, St-Pierre’s hatred for Diaz was real.

Diaz famously accused GSP of using PEDs and even went so far as to diss him in between rounds telling his cornermen: “Win or lose, he hits like a b**ch”