When female MMA star smashed internet troll who kept on making sexist comments

Tara LaRosa is a force to be reckoned with. With 27 professional outings under her belt and over a decade of experience in promotions like Invicta and more.

She has taken down some of the female MMA veterans , including Alexis Davis, Roxanne Modafferi, Julie Kedzie, and Shayna Baszler.

Skill is the key to winning, and LaRosa has it in spades. Even if you have no combat sports training whatsoever, you’ll have a hard time against her.

It’s like a knuckle-dragger thinking they can take down Katie Taylor or Paddy Barnes just because they’re bigger – it’s simply not going to happen.

But there are still trolls out there who think they can beat elite mixed martial artists just because they’re female.

Remember the bodybuilder who called out Cody Garbrandt? He wisely fled before the then-UFC bantamweight champion had a chance to teach him a lesson.

But the troll who verbally abused UFC veteran Josh Neer on social media wasn’t so lucky. Neer turned him in quite a show that went viral.


Then there’s Kristopher Zylinski. Zylinski made sexist comments on Facebook, claiming that trained women couldn’t stop an average man. He booked an outing against undefeated amateur female martial artist Anna Dempster to prove his point, but she had to pull out due to injury. That’s when LaRosa stepped in as her replacement.

As expected, LaRosa made Zylinski tap twice. It’s dangerous to underestimate elite women like LaRosa, and Zylinski learned that lesson the hard way.


Tara LaRosa’s career is a testament to the importance of skill and training in combat sports. No amount of size or strength can make up for a lack of skill, and trolls who think they can take down elite fighters are simply delusional.

But it’s not just about combat sports. In today’s world, it’s all too easy to hide behind the anonymity of social media and make hurtful comments without consequence. Josh Neer’s beatdown of a troll may be satisfying to watch, but it’s important to remember that violence is never the answer.

Instead, we should focus on developing our skills and building a community of support and positivity. Tara LaRosa is a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a love of the sport.