When a 500 lbs female sumo wrestler pwned competition

Svitlana Yaromka  has left an indelible mark in the world of sumo wrestling and judo. With a multitude of accomplishments to her name, she stands as a prominent figure in these sports.

Sumo wrestling, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, is typically reserved for male competitors known as ‘rikishi.’ It is a sport characterized by the intense battles of these colossal athletes within a circular arena, clad in loincloths. In Japan, women are traditionally prohibited from participating in sumo, and they are not even allowed to set foot in the sumo ring, known as the “dohyo.”

However, on the international stage, cultural and religious restrictions take a back seat. This provides an opportunity for women to engage in sumo wrestling, resulting in the formation of women’s sumo divisions. Over the years, female sumo wrestling has flourished, giving rise to exceptional talents like Svitlana Yaromka.

Svitlana Yaromka, often touted as the best female sumo wrestler, has made an enduring impact. The 34-year-old athlete achieved significant recognition at the first World Combat Games in Beijing, China, in 2010, where she clinched a well-deserved silver medal. Her journey continued with three appearances at the World Games, leaving her mark on each occasion.

In the 2013 World Games held in Cali, Colombia, Yaromka competed in the openweight category and secured a bronze medal, further solidifying her reputation. Her most recent endeavor took place in Birmingham in July 2022 during the World Games. Here, she showcased her prowess, earning both a bronze and a gold medal in the openweight and heavyweight categories, respectively.

While her achievements in sumo wrestling are undoubtedly impressive, it is essential to note that sumo is not Yaromka’s primary sport. Judo has been her main arena, particularly in the +78 kg division. Within the judo community, she is celebrated as one of the most accomplished and successful heavyweight judokas.

Yaromka’s judo journey has seen her participate in a multitude of prestigious events, including the IJF Grand Prix, IJF Grand Slam, European Championships, and European Games. Her commitment and skill have led to remarkable victories, with a bronze medal at the European Games in 2015 and two silver medals at the European Championships in 2016 and 2017.

Her impressive collection of medals extends to two golds. The first gold medal was secured at the IJF Grand Prix in Uzbekistan in 2014, followed by another gold at the IJF Grand Prix in Azerbaijan in 2015. Svitlana Yaromka’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and unmatched talent in both sumo wrestling and judo.