“What are your kids gonna say about you?” – Ariel Helwani gets even with Dana White over slap scandal

It is well known that Ariel Helwani and Dana White do not get along. The UFC president was criticized by Helwani when a video surfaced showing Dana striking his wife Anne White while they were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

Helwani said the following on his podcast The MMA Hour:

“There has only been one [comment] that has stuck with me, that hurt me right here. Dana was on UFC Unfiltered and in the interview, he was making fun of the fact that when I spoke about it on this show in a different studio, I got very emotional. ”

“They were talking about me crying and he said, ‘your kids are gonna see that one day’, and how embarrassed they would be by seeing their father cry.”

Helwani continued:

“What are your kids gonna say about you? What are your kids gonna say about your legacy?”

“About the way you treat people? About your business practices? What are your kids gonna say about that video? What are your kids gonna say about the kind of person that you are? What are your kids gonna say about you? Ask yourself that f**king question.”

Of course this is all a play on what Dana White said years earlier about Helwani. White went on UFC Unfiltered and claimed Helwani’s kids will question him one day. Helwani said of the incident a while back:

“Anyone can say whatever they want, but he was on a podcast – I think it was UFC [Unfiltered] – and he was talking about the episode where I got emotional and he said… ‘One day his kids are going to look at him on camera and see him crying and see what kind of a weak person he is’… and nothing p****d me off more than that. Don’t mention my kids, don’t mention my family. I have never mentioned yours.”