West Virginia MMA coach and trainees offering security for a drag gathering

In the wake of threats that caused the cancellation of a drag show in West Virginia, MMA coach Johnny Haught and his trainees have stepped up to offer security services.

The drag show, originally scheduled for February 26th at a Primanti Bros. restaurant in Wheeling, was cancelled after performers and patrons received threatening messages. Haught, owner of Ohio Valley MMA, heard the news and offered his security services to ensure the safety of the performers and attendees.

Haught spoke with WTRF and made it clear that drag shows are simply entertainment and no more offensive than a Broadway or comedy show. He also emphasized that they are not part of a hidden agenda, as some may believe.

“The drag show is no more offensive than a Broadway show, or a stand up comedy show. In essence, it’s a mix of both. At the end of the day, it is entertainment. Not part of some hidden agenda, like some would have you believe,” Haught said.

Haught  addressed an anonymous caller who left him a voice message warning him not to perform at the event, stating that while he has “tremendous legs and ass,” he does not have the makeup skills to be in a drag show.

Haught also posted the address and weekly schedule of his training facility, making it clear that if any cowards looking for an incident are still interested, they know where to find him.

This is especially interesting considering the attention MMA has gotten recently thanks to bigoted views from UFC veteran Nate Marquardt who went on a tirade on twitter condemning everything from a same sex kiss to having intercourse before marriage and even went so far to call it fornication.

Regardless of the cause, it’s nice to see MMA practitioners stand up for their communities and provide services.