“Were you the first one to ever do it?” – Kamaru Usman Blows Up On McGregor

Conor McGregor posted on his Twitter account that the current welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, has copied his fighting style. The Notorious also uploaded a video showing a comparison between Usman’s and his fighting style.

In the tweet that was posted in April, The Notorious also said that he will smack The Nigerian Nightmare for copying his move.

“Usman even copying my shots now. Am I to fight this guy at some stage? I think so. Can’t be copying my words and my shots and not get a smack for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon.” Wrote McGregor on Twitter.

Kamaru Usman was attending a talk on Full Send Podcast and being asked about his response regarding McGregor’s accusation. The undefeated UFC champion didn’t specifically deny that he copied McGregor’s move, but instead, he called McGregor a weirdo for making a fuss about it.

“So, he’s, ‘Oh, you stole the way that I threw this combination or this punch.’ Bro, it’s fighting. If it works, it works. If this one-two works, it works. He’s like, ‘Oh, no. That was mine. I did the one-two.’ Were you the first one to ever do it, you fu***ng weirdo?” Usman said.

However, Usman admitted that McGregor always knew how to gain attention out of almost everything. Though, Usman still sounded like he doesn’t like the way McGregor did it.

“Yeah, he’s systematic. He’s strategic. When he sees anything happening that’s bigger than him, he tries to steal the clout. He’ll tweet. Every major fight that happens, what happens? Conor tweets about it. Oh, he tweets about this. Every time I fight, he’s talking about me; tweets about me. ‘Oh, you’re stealing my style.’ How? What are you talking about?” Said Usman.

Kamaru Usman successfully defended his title against Colby Covington at UFC 268 and marked his fifth title defense in the welterweight division. Since joining the UFC in 2015, Usman has never lost a single fight. But, he lost one fight in 2013 in CFA. Kamaru Usman has a total score consisting of 20 wins and 1 loss.

On the other hand, Conor McGregor has a score of 22-6 and is now in recovery after Dustin Poirier broke his leg in July. McGregor has confirmed that he will return to the octagon in mid-2022.