Watch: Video That has Fans Convinced Jake Paul Rigged Woodley Rematch

Many allege Jake Paul’s boxing fights are less than legit. In all of the boxing fights he was in – he was financially more stable and could therefor dictate some of the conditions. In fact many believe Paul would’ve never rematched Woodley if the community wasn’t so suspicious in analyzing their first fight.

However this last knock out came after what many fans claim was a “signal”. A mysterious account popped up on tiktok and shared the following clip.



Jake Paul signals the right hand and Woodley magically drops the left hand, fake fight. wwe show

♬ if u a jake paul fan u automatically gay – Tik Toker

The account contains no other clips, links or anything that would help determine the source of this.
While vvs.made and many others question the legitimacy of the outcome it’s interesting to point out that the boxing fight was a snooze upto that point and this outcome definitely saved the card, sort of speak.

Still it doesn’t seem likely Woodley would be faking concerned family calls or confusion after. Even the ringside interviewer didn’t dare ask him any questions as he appeared absent.

Here’s some of the best comments on the video:

Paul suggested that he is “built” for boxing and made a bold claim about his impact:

“No-one in the history of boxing has done what I’ve done at this age,” he said.

“Massive pay-per-views, knocked out every single person that I’ve fought. The only person that’s as active as me and doing as big pay-per-views is Canelo [Alvarez].

“I’ve turned everyone I’ve fought into memes, going viral all over the internet. I’m ready to fight whoever — it doesn’t matter if they’re a professional boxer or a five-time UFC champion. I’m built for this.”