Watch The First Ever Metaverse Fight: Khabib Boxes Max Holloway

With the rise in popularity of the Non fungible tokens (NFT) there’s also a race to be the first platform to succeed in metaverse. Heck, even the real estate is going fast in the virtual world. Eager to caption the craze, Legionfarm released a unique collection of NFTs on open sea.

Snagging one means an opportunity for the fans to face off in one of the metaverse games against professional gamers or professional athletes.

Max Holloway was once the front runner to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title however the two never met in the UFC – instead Legionfarm facilitated the two match up in boxing in an interesting metaverse fight.

Is Legionfarm legit?

Legionfarm appears to be a platform that offers access to professional athletes and gamers to regular people – in return for winning or acquiring a Legionfarm NFT. While it’s hard to confirm whether there’s some long term play out – the fight happened on February 12th and it featured Holloway and Nurmagomedov as they’ve both videoed content for the project. In addition to them Islam Makhachev also got his chance to square off against Holloway.

What is the price of Legionfarm NFT?

Legionfarm NFTs appear to be a part of the Legionfarm Gaming Heroes #1 collection. The collection contains roughly 1300 items varying in value. Currently lowest rated item goes for 1.2ETH which is roughly $3700 today. The highest value item in the collection goes for staggering 36ETH or $111,000. The collection appears to contain only boxes marked by numbers. The collection can be viewed at opensea.

How did the metaverse fight between Holloway and Khabib end?

Nurmagomedov constantly took the initiative into his hands, pushing on Holloway with a series of quick blows. In total, Nurmagomedov inflicted 98 blows on his opponent, while Max managed to hit only 65 times.

As a result, Khabib knocked out the American and won. In a post-match interview, Nurmagomedov stated that he enjoyed the fight and noted that the future lies behind the metaverses.

Watch video below:

BONUS Fight – Makhachev vs Holloway