WATCH: Michael Jackson Impersonator Chokes Out Opponent in Street Fight

When you think about the words Michael Jackson and Street fight you probably don’t expect a victory. However one martial art enthusiast appears to have a side gig of impersonating ‘The King of Pop’ Michael Jackson on the street.

A recent viral video shared all over the internet shows a Michael Jackson impersonator scuffling with a guy in the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s unclear what started the clash, but the guy in green seems irritated by the impersonator as he storms with sloppy punches and a leg kick.

Budget Michael Jackson then takes the guy down easily with a trip and moves the fight to the ground. While on the ground, the man in green  seems desperate and out of his depth. He resorts to grabbing at the hair.

Within a couple of seconds the impersonator had already secured a deep choke while his opponent laid there hopelessly.

Seeing the redness on the guy’s face, bystanders and some people from the crowd separated the two. However, the man in green  still appeared to want to a fight – he got up and quickly took a fighting stance while breathing heavily. Props to the man for having a big heart after getting totally manhandled like that.

The video went viral on Twitter with most of the people enjoying the scuffle and supporting the Michael Jackson impersonator.