Wait, what? UFC commentator Dominick Cruz claims cauliflower ear is to protect the brain

In the world of UFC, stars are known to harbor various beliefs, ranging from the conventional to the downright eccentric. Among these, Dominick Cruz, a former professional mixed martial artist and current UFC commentator, has shared an intriguing theory concerning the infamous cauliflower ear phenomenon.

Dominick Cruz is widely recognized as one of the greatest bantamweights in the history of MMA. Having embarked on his professional MMA journey in 2005, Cruz rapidly ascended through the ranks, captivating audiences with his exceptional footwork, technical prowess, and unorthodox style. His achievements include becoming the inaugural UFC Bantamweight Champion in 2010 and successfully defending his title on multiple occasions.

However, Cruz’s illustrious career was marred by a series of unfortunate injuries, forcing him to take prolonged hiatuses from the octagon. During these periods, Cruz honed his skills as a commentator and analyst, making his debut as a UFC commentator in 2016.

Unlike most UFC commentators, Cruz is outspoken and not timid about stepping on anyone’s toes but he really fumbled the ball with this next nugget.

Cauliflower ear, a term frequently used in the world of MMA, refers to a condition commonly observed among combat sports athletes, including MMA fighters, wrestlers, and boxers. Medically known as perichondrial hematoma or auricular hematoma, cauliflower ear is a deformity of the outer ear resulting from repetitive trauma or injury.

The ear is composed of cartilage covered by a thin layer of skin. When subjected to direct blows or friction, such as those encountered during grappling or striking exchanges in MMA, the ear can accumulate blood between the cartilage and the skin. If left untreated, the blood can clot, forming a dense fibrous mass, which gives rise to the distinctive appearance resembling a swollen and distorted cauliflower.

The moniker “cauliflower ear” stems from the striking resemblance between the deformity and the vegetable. This condition can be painful, with symptoms including swelling, redness, and tenderness. Failure to address the issue promptly can lead to the hardening of the accumulated blood, resulting in a permanent deformity.

To mitigate the risk of cauliflower ear, athletes often employ protective gear such as ear guards or headgear, which offer additional cushioning and support to the ears. In the event of an injury, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial. Treatment typically involves draining the accumulated blood and applying compression to prevent further complications and promote effective healing.

During Cruz’s commentary at UFC Jacksonville, an intriguing statement caught the attention of viewers. In reference to the main event, Cruz remarked, “You see, though, the inside of Josh, out of its left ear is like turning black right now. Good old cauliflower. For those of you at home, it’s swelling of the ear to try to protect our brains. That’s why that happens.”

While Cruz’s statement raises an interesting perspective, it is important to note that the primary purpose of the cartilage in the ear is to facilitate sound transmission and maintain the ear’s structural integrity, rather than specifically safeguarding the brain.