Volkanovski Scorches Jon Jones: How Many Chances Is This Guy Gonna Get?

Volkanovski capitalized on Jon Jones latest scandal by seizing his place in the pound for pound rankings. But the Australian is none to pleased about the lenient treatment the organization seems to be affording to Jones. Recently he was asked about this and was none too pleased to answer:

“He had plenty of f—-ing chances tho. ” Volk explained, “I’m not his mum tho. People are gonna keep bringing up ‘Oh, he’s drunk y’know’ and all that – mate, if you’re doing this type of f—–ing s–t every time you put a drink in your f—–ing mouth don’t drink, plain and simple”


And Volkanovski certainly has a point – last year during lockdown Jones was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence and negligent use of a firearm after officers heard a gunshot and found him in a parked car with a handgun and a half-empty bottle of liquor.