Volkanovski reveals UFC had called him overnight because Makhachev was struggling with the weight cut

Earlier today Aleksander Volkanovski let it slip that one of UFC 280 main event competitors was struggling to make weight and UFC inquired if he would be ready to step in as the official backup.

Volkanovski got the coveted backup spot over the claims of Beniel Dariush who previously claimed he was the official backup. Dariush will be meeting Gamrot in one of the events on the main card.

There was initially some contention about the decision but Volkanovski explained he was getting paid to serve as official backup for the event and pretty much ended that squabble.

Even though both main event competitors made weight – it was touch and go for Makhachev according to P2P champion of the UFC – Alex Volkanovski.

In a video published on his youtube Volkanovski confirmed he received the call from UFC to be on high alert the night before the weigh ins.

While Volkanovski is a champion at 145lbs – he too had to cut a little bit of weight to make the 155lbs limit.

“We actually got a call last night. Just making sure that I was okay. So that must mean someone was struggling. I think it looked like Islam might’ve had a big weih cut, but they both made it. So they’re both healthy, which is good. Yeah. Hydrate and we’ll see what happens. Guess we’ll just go and enjoy the show.”

UFC President, Dana White, spoke on My Mom’s Basement today (Mon., Oct. 17, 2022) and responded to Volkanovski’s sentiment, saying, “It makes sense.” to have him challenge for the lightweight title.

Both Makhachev and Oliveira were open to the challenge at the press conference.

UFC fans have claimed the scales weren’t settled when Islam Makhachev successfully made weight for his title clash with Charles Oliveira.

UFC analyst Dan Hardy wrote: “Scales never settled. Again.” He later added: “It’s time to start using digital scales. Old analog scales, traveled around the world. Plus, the potential for human interference or corruption.” Another fan joked: “A big thanks to Hasbulla for helping balance the scales for that extra half pound.”

One fan even claimed it was the same for Oliveira, writing: “For what it’s worth, same exact situation with Do Bronx and the guy didn’t really let the scale settle for him either.” Another pointed out: ‘The reading was given faster than usual, as the official normally waits for the scales to stop shaking as much.”

A final fan had an alternative theory, suggesting: “You’re right, the scale didn’t settle but I think I see why. I admit there is an assumption on my part but watch again, the scale is already at 155(my assumption) and when Islam stands on it, he’s clearly under, so does it ultimately matter? He wasn’t over.”