Volkanovski certain Conor McGregor will be handed a title shot if he takes out Michael Chandler

In his much-awaited comeback to the octagon, Conor McGregor will take on Michael Chandler. The two will serve as opposite team coaches on season 31 of  TUF. Alexander Volkanovski thinks McGregor will have a title shot if he emerges victorious in the match.

The featherweight champion said in a statement to the media:

“It’s always good to have Conor coming back to the sport. He brings a lot of eyes here and that will be a fun fight as well. I think it’s clever for both of them. Clever for Conor because he can go and fight. They’re both powerful dudes, obviously. It’s a winnable fight because they’re just going to go for it so it’s going to be entertaining, but that just puts Conor right back in the conversation for the belt.”

Alexander Volkanovski then added:

“For people to say he wouldn’t deserve it and there’s no way they’re going to do that, you’re pretty crazy, right? It’s Conor McGregor, and if he takes out someone like Chandler, you know his name is going to be mentioned. You know people are going to be talking about him so it’s interesting. It’s good to look at because I plan on taking that lightweight belt.”

Even though McGregor has only had one victory since 2016, his star power will undoubtedly place him in the title shot if he can beat Michael Chandler.

Additionally, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping said on his channel that if McGregor can overcome Michael Chandler, he would be given the chance to challenge for the title:

“If McGregor gets it done, will we see him fight for the title next? That is a given. That is 100 percent. Just prepare yourself mentally for that. Regardless of whatever you think, he’s the biggest star in the sport. He’s a former two-weight division champion, and he’s a person that people want to see fight.”

Despite the fact that many may think McGregor is unworthy of a title shot, his enormous star power gives him access to possibilities that other fighters do not have. However, Bisping did say that if Chandler is victorious McGregor might have to give up on mixed martial arts completely.