(Video)Floyd Mayweather in hysterics as Jaime Foxx does brilliant impression of him to his face

After hearing Jamie Foxx’s portrayal of him in person, Floyd Mayweather laughed out loud.

When Jamie Foxx and Floyd Mayweather got the chance to interact, Foxx took advantage of the occasion to demonstrate his flawless impersonation of the Hall of Fame boxer.

The retired 50-0 boxing hero shared a video of the Hollywood celebrity and him in Los Angeles on social media on Monday.

Foxx jokingly began impersonating Mayweather in front of the camera that was recording them.

“They don’t have a blueprint. They don’t have a blueprint for me though. I got it for them though. They don’t know how to beat me.”

Floyd was inconsolably laughing because his impression was spot-on. They embraced after shaking hands. Foxx then praised Mayweather for maintaining his fitness level after giving up boxing.

However, this is not Foxx’s first time pulling off a masterful boxing impression. He had his Mike Tyson impersonation down pat since he was rumored to portray the former undisputed heavyweight champion in a biopic. The project has not yet been materialized.

According to several fan responses to the tweet, Foxx should have also included the words “like I said before” and “at the end of the day.” Mayweather often employs these phrases in interviews.

Floyd has continued to fight in exhibition matches even after he retired. He engaged Logan Paul in an eight-round fight in Miami last summer.

Additionally, he sparred with Don Moore for an additional eight rounds in Dubai back in May of this year.