(Video)Boxing trainer storms into ring to stop Richard Riakporhe fight after sickening punch

After Turchi was knocked out with a terrible body blow, Turchi’s trainer was forced to rush the ring with a towel. He called off Turchi’s match with unbeaten Richard Riakporhe.

Richard Riakporhe was competing with Fabio Turchi in a cruiserweight world title eliminator event. Midway through the second round, Riakporhe caught his opponent, Turchi, with a powerful body blow that hit Turchi in the stomach. Turchi collapsed to the ground almost instantly as the referee began the count.

Turchi got up to fight again. However, the fight never continued. Turchi’s trainer invaded the ring with a towel in hand to stop the match. The referee gave Riakporhe the victory.

Turchi’s corner has been applauded by boxing fans for preventing his guy from receiving any more unnecessary injury.

One fan said on Twitter: “Excellent shot, and even better from Turchi’s corner. Absolutely no need whatsoever to let your man get absolute sparked there. Sickening shot.”

Another one said: “Turchi’s corner should take a lot of credit for that stoppage for having their man’s best interests at heart.”

“Very very good decision by Turchi’s corner there,” a third observed.

And a fourth was added: “Turchi’s corner man with the best work I’ve seen in ages. He knew his man was badly hurt. Fair play to him.”

Richard Riakporhe, who is still unbeaten, will likely fight Lawrence Okolie in an all-British clash next.

BOXXER CEO Ben Shalom stated before Saturday’s bout:”I think it’s a fight Lawrence would like, I think he wants the big domestic fights.”

“He knows that’s what sells in the UK and it’s amazing to have two guys at the top of the division both from Britain, both from London, that is the most exciting thing.”