(Video) Absolutely Terrified mountain climber scares off Bear

A hiker unintentionally came into contact with a wild bear, and what happened next was a brutal and unadulterated exhibition of willpower.

This viral video has been a huge hit with viewers, and UFC stars like Tim Kennedy and Jorge Masvidal have commented on it.

In the video’s first scene, a climber is documenting his journey when a bear assault catches him by surprise. The climber tries to scare off the bear while screaming and tries to throw punches from above.

The mountaineer continues to hold his distance on higher terrain while push kicking the bear. To prevent the bear from climbing up, he even resorted to kicking.

Some commenters noted that the bear was attempting to defend his little club, whose cries could be heard at the video’s conclusion.

Jorge Masvidal shared the footage. He also included the caption, “The push away technique! Fast thinking!”

UFC vet Tim Kennedy wrote about the mountaineer’s tenacity.

“Right when you think you are peaking at being a tough guy…. you watch a mountain climber fight a bear while hanging off a cliff.”

A fan commented, “Yeah I don’t want any part of that. Absolutely terrifying”

One user claimed to have discovered the key to overcoming a bear. He then made the cocky remark, “I’d of did same thing as him. A bear comes crashing down on you screaming and freaking out is only answer lol”

Lastly, a person speculated that the climber would switch his hobbies. He wrote, “This guy’s hobby will suddenly change into Chess next year”