(Video) Zion Clark wins MMA debut via decision

Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome which affects the development of the lower half of the body. This rare condition only occurs every one in 60,000 births. Despite his disability, Clark never gives up.

Clark made his MMA debut on Dec. 17 in North County San Diego against Eugene Murray.

Eugene Murray is a bantamweight athlete from the US – he has an MMA record consisting of no wins and 4 losses. He last competed in July of this year against Tommy Telles at Gladiator challenge.

The promoter had difficulty streaming the event so first half of the match isn’t publicly available – however the 2nd half of the bout is.

In the clip you can see Clark walking on his hands and hitting a takedown from the get go. This left Murray grounded and having to defend himself.

He was quick to try and sweep Clark but got sort of stuck in a deep half guard type situation and Clark managed to once again snatch a single from there.

Murray wasn’t giving up easy and took the opportunity to try for a guillotine but was unable to control Clark and finish him from there.

The bout had a lot of scrambles due to unusual build of Clark.

With that round 2 ended.

Heading into round 3, Clark seemed positive.  Despite the height advantage his opponent aws unsure how to engage early in round 3.

He did manage to land a heavy shot from above

Clark’s inability to walk meant he was unable to really strike as fatigue set in. Instead he opted for another single leg – this time Murray managed to defend and sprawled heavily. He was bisibly struggling to hold down Clark.

Clark’s lateral movement was interesting, he would hone in on the leg – which is no surprise given his background in wrestling.

He landed another takedown and ended in sidecontrol. Murray swept and the round ended. Judges tallied up the scores and awarded Clark an unanimous decision.

It’s unclear where he goes from here but he’s certainly proven himself.