(Video) Zhilei Zhang’s right hand blasts Joe Joyce straight into a canvas

In a turn of events that left fans surprised, 2023 marked another setback in Joe Joyce’s boxing career. Zhilei Zhang delivered a devastating blow that led to a third-round knockout at the Wembley Arena. Their previous encounter had ended in the sixth round.

During this weekend’s showdown at Wembley, Zhang showcased his prowess by flooring Joyce with a precisely executed right hand. This powerful strike left Joyce unable to regain his footing before the referee’s 10-count.

The resounding impact of Zhang’s right hand was felt not only by the live audience but resonated worldwide. Many are now speculating on how this victory will reshape the landscape of the heavyweight division.

Unsurprisingly, the Twitter (now X) community exploded with reactions to this monumental bout.

Twitter user @nige_bingley remarked, “Not many get up from that punch. I’m surprised he got up at all.”

@AdamKnights04 exclaimed, “What A KO !! Asleep When He Touches The Canvas !! 🥊”

@TheSportsGuyyy commented, “Zhang does this to AJ [Anthony Joshua] too btw.”

With a touch of humor, @samuelleumas04 predicted: “And we know now that [Tyson] Fury won’t fight him. He prefers to fight an MMA fighter in Boxing. 😂”

@AmitChampaneri1 marveled: “Styles make fights and Zhang is all wrong for Joyce! What a spectacular shot! Brutal KO! Wow! 🥊💥😮”

At 40 years old, Zhilei Zhang shows no signs of slowing down. The Chinese powerhouse has his sights set on a world title bout, a goal he articulated in a memorable callout to Tyson Fury following his victory over Joe Joyce.

In his interview after the match, Zhang engaged with the fervent Wembley crowd, and asked: “I want to add the audience, I want to ask a question. Do you want to see me shut Tyson Fury up?”

Zhang currenlty has a professional record of 26-1-1, including an impressive 21 wins by knockout. He is currently riding a two-bout winning streak, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of boxing.