(Video) Zhang Weili lifts Francis Ngannou off the ground in training footage

At UFC 281 on November 12, former UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili will have the chance to win the back the title once again.

Weili will be the first to take on Carla Esparza, the new strawweight champion. Esparza defeated Rose Namajunas through a split decision in what many dubbed the worst matchup in UFC history. Nevertheless, Esparza triumphed and started her second reign.

Zhang Weili was training in the gym along with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. In a video that Ngannou released, Weili is shown impressively and relatively easily lifting the 293-pound heavyweight.

“I can’t believe that @zhangweilimma just picked me up like I wasn’t 293lbs. I didn’t want her to do it I was scared of her hurting her back and was trying to explain this to her….then found myself suddenly up in the air. Her strength ratio is through the roof.”

Zhang Weili is well-known for her stand-up. But she’s since spent time with Olympic champion Henry Cejudo and brushed up on her wrestling.

Weili will compete against a wrestling based Esparza at UFC 281.

Esparza is currently on a six win streak.

Weili, who has only faced other strikers, will have a challenging test ahead of her.

Weili remarked during an interview on the Fruiting Body Podcast:

“Carla is a wrestler, so our tactics will definitely have some changes. It’s my first time fighting a wrestler, I’ve never fought a wrestler before. I’m very excited and I also want to test my wrestling and my controlling skills.”

Weili has won 22 matches in her career, 11 of them via knockout and the other seven by submission. Weili has a decent chance of catching Esparza provided she can withstand Esparza’s takedown attempts.