(Video) YouTuber snuck into UFC 284 and took part in Volkanovski’s walk out

UFC 284 was marketed as a big milestone that saw the two top ranked pound for pound athletes compete against each other.

Regardless of how it ended, it was a successful event that entertained many. It was also attended by high-profile Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul.

But while these two were supposed to be there, there was a Youtuber that infiltrated the show. His name is MikeyT, and he’s an Australian content creator who entered the RAC Arena without a ticket. He couldn’t buy tickets to the show since they sold out so quickly.


As a result, he came up with a fake staff ID and a uniform to get into the show. He told security that he was part of the media personnel and posed as a videographer afterward.

Inside, he captured several moments such as Jamie Mullarkey’s media scrum, and Justin Tafa’s walkout. He also joked around with Logan Paul’s friend and fellow Youtuber Mike Majlak. He told the Impaulsive co-host that he “wasn’t supposed to be there”.

But he really tested his luck when he walked out with Alexander Volkanovski’s entourage to the cage. He accompanied the featherweight king as he set out to make history.

While the result wasn’t what he was hoping for, MikeyT still managed to get the experience of a lifetime. At the end of the video, he said: “Okay guys so I am still in disbelief at what we have just gone and done,”

He said that he “originally thought [he] would just sneak into the event.”

“But the fact how we managed to do all those things, get literally ringside, go backstage and even walk out with the two main event people. That was just incredible,” he said at the end of the video.

While the top seats cost thousands of Australian dollars, MikeyT managed to get an unmatched experience for free. He even said that he’d “100 percent” do it again if he could.

He talked to 7News and said the following:

“I went to the event initially thinking I would be just sitting around watching the fights from a distance then I found myself ringside, backstage with them, walking out, so it was pretty special,”

When the news spread, the RAC Arena’s management confirmed that they weren’t aware of what the Youtuber did.