(Video) YouTuber Austin McBroom had cringe face-off with “little Gib” ahead of boxing return

Later this month, McBroom will make his professional debut against British social media sensation AnEsonGib. During their pre-fight press conference, McBroom left fans scratching their heads with an absurd stunt.

Prior to their boxing battle this month, YouTube sensation Austin McBroom invited a dwarf to the stage to imitate and taunt his opponent AnEsonGib.

McBroom is two inches taller than Gib. He made fun of the situation by bringing up “Little Gib”. He did it to make fun of the 5’9″ fighter who was unable to attend their press conference for their debut since it was scheduled last-minute.

The actual “Gib” watched through Zoom from a screen above the stage as McBroom did a face-off with “little Gib” in Los Angeles.

The two exchanged insults via satellite, with the British participating from his training facility. After the face-off, Gib was angry. McBroom promised that he didn’t want to offend dwarfs.

Gib responded to the whole situation by saying, “I can’t wait to embarrass you, man. I’m going to destroy you July 30, you’re going to get it. You haven’t trained hard enough and I’m going to destroy you.”

“Social Gloves is a shambles, once I beat you, I leave, I’m never coming over here to fight ever again. I’ll beat you up and then I’ll leave – I’m smoking this guy, he’s going to get it.”

McBroom had earlier remarked: “I feel like this fight was long overdue, which is why the promotion is called ‘No More talk’. We’ve been chatting back and forth for what’s now going on a year.”

“But to be honest, he’s just someone who’s in my way. I feel like I’m giving him the opportunity, I really wanted KSI, he’s going to come back and fight Alex Wassabi which is good for him, but Gib is just in my way and I’m going to show that July 30.”

Gib says that he is simply participating in the McBroom’s Social Gloves tournament to have a chance to fight the American and has no desire to compete. Since his debut at the event last year, he feels that the program has been badly managed. Gib intends to punish his opponent for what he sees as poor event management.

The match will take place in around 18 days, according to Gib. He said: “We’re about 18 days away from the fight. And I’m here to take out the CEO of Social Gloves. Once that’s done, I’m bouncing, I’m out.”

“This is my fifth camp right now, so when it comes to July 30, I’m going to show my experience, I’m going to show my fight IQ. I’m not Bryce Hall [McBroom’s last opponent], I’m not some 160lb guy; I’m big. I’m going to show my ring experience and he’s going to know that July 30.”