(Video) YouTube star sparks mass brawl with gift for rival at face offs

The upcoming boxing match between Deen The Great and Pully Arif has already created quite a stir in the media. The YouTube stars will go head-to-head at KSI’s fifth Misfits Boxing event in Telford, and tensions are running high.

Deen The Great is no stranger to the Misfits Boxing stage, having already secured two victories in his previous appearances. He defeated Evil Hero in the opening show and then triumphed over Walid Sharks in the third instalment of the event.

At a recent press conference, Deen The Great and Pully Arif came face-to-face for a tense face-off. Deen The Great took the opportunity to slap a glove, which he called a ‘gift,’ across Arif’s face. This move sparked a mass brawl, involving not only Arif but also former opponent Walid Sharks.

The initial scuffle was quickly broken up by security, but Deen The Great wasn’t finished yet. He went on to antagonize Sharks, who had bounced his name tag off Deen’s head during their previous feud. Sharks then climbed onto a table and jumped towards his rival, prompting further chaos.


The situation escalated, with both Sharks and Arif trying to find Deen The Great on opposite sides of the stage. The security intervened, but Sharks continued to look for his rival. Eventually, Deen The Great was bundled out of the room and Sharks had a spat with Jay Swingler.

The other boxers were stunned by the events that unfolded. The upcoming clash between Deen The Great and Pully Arif is sure to be a fiery one, with both stars determined to come out on top. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious at KSI’s Misfits Boxing card this weekend.

Misfits Boxing 5 headlined by Swingler and Perrett will take place at the Telford International Centre on Saturday March 4. The card will begin at 6pm in the UK with the broadcast beginning at that point featuring a whole range of influencers on a stacked undercard. It is expected that the main event boxers will make their ring walk at around 9:30pm on domestic shores with the boxing unfolding at around 9:45pm.