(Video) Yikes! This is why 12 to 6 elbows are illegal

Jon Jones was disqualified at the UFC – The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale back in 2009. He was fighting Matt Hamill. It was his one and only defeat in his UFC career. Even though, he wasn’t actually defeated. He was disqualified after he used the banned technique referred to as 12-6 elbow.

The 12-6 elbow is one of the rare techniques that are banned in MMA – this is due to the fact that the bottom athlete has very little chance to evade the shot and could get seriously injured with his head bouncing into the canvas.

A ‘wild’ promotion, King of the Streets features MMA type matches on a fenced in part of a parkinglot – on concrete. Which is why it’s perhaps so jarring to see the actual damage 12 to 6 elbows may cause.


Longtime UFC ref that’s since retired Big John Mccarthy explained the origins of the rule during his appearance on JRE.

“This is what I’ve always said, and I believe you’re the one who told me this, that when the commissions were talking about techniques, they had seen those karate guys on ESPN at 1 am breaking bricks with their elbows and they’re like, ‘There’s no way you could allow that strike because that strike would be too deadly.’ Was that what happened?”