(Video) Yakimenko Submits Mohamed with vicious neck crank

In the heart of Bahrain, BRAVE Combat Federation, a renowned MMA promotion, showcased its prowess at the recent BRAVE CF 77 event. This extravaganza unfolded on December 5 in Isa Town, Bahrain, leaving spectators in awe of the exceptional talent on display.

BRAVE CF, headquartered in Bahrain, has swiftly risen to prominence, hosting a series of triumphant events. Boasting a roster primarily comprising gifted contenders from the Middle East, the organization consistently delivers riveting matches. BRAVE CF 77 was no exception, featuring gripping battles and two enthralling title bouts.

One of the standout clashes unfolded in the main card, where Vitaliy Yakimenko faced off against Maysara Mohamed in a fierce flyweight bout. From the opening bell, it was evident that this was more than just a contest; it was a relentless clash of skill and determination.

The intensity reached its peak as both athletes engaged in a striking exchange, showcasing their combat prowess. However, Yakimenko’s grappling skills proved to be the defining factor. Once the action transitioned to the ground, Yakimenko’s dominance became apparent as he effortlessly controlled the pace of the bout.

With seamless transitions and superior positioning, Yakimenko showcased his grappling expertise, leaving Mohamed visibly overwhelmed. Despite Mohamed’s valiant attempts to fend off numerous submission holds and regain a vertical base, he succumbed to Yakimenko’s prowess.

In a swift sequence of movements, Yakimenko secured Mohamed’s back and executed a tight rear-naked choke. Despite Mohamed’s resilience, Yakimenko’s precision left him with no room to escape. The victory, via submission, came for Yakimenko in the midst of the first round, a testament to his exceptional skills.

This triumph extends Yakimenko’s win streak to an impressive five consecutive victories, solidifying his standing in the competitive MMA landscape. The 27-year-old Ukrainian now boasts a record of 7 wins and 1 loss, further establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Conversely, Maysara Mohamed, previously undefeated with 7 wins, faced the first setback of his professional MMA career. Yakimenko’s dominance at BRAVE CF 77 marks him as a formidable contender in the flyweight division, leaving fans and analysts alike eager to witness his future exploits in the MMA arena.