(Video) WTH? UFC Vegas 83 walkout pays homage to cartoon refering to competitors skin condition

UFC lightweight contender Melquizael Costa captured attention with a unique walkout during UFC Vegas 83 that left fans bewildered.

Costa recently faced Steve Garcia in a lightweight bout at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas. He eventually lost the match via TKO. The Brazilian went on to grapple with the referee without appearing to realize that the bout was over.

The bout marked Costa’s second loss in three UFC bouts, but his peculiar walkout was a statement. The bewildering walkout music stemmed from a Brazilian cartoon ‘Galinha Pintadinha.’ It is known for its blue chicken character, a beloved figure among Brazilian kids.

Delving deeper, the choice of this unusual soundtrack ties back to Costa’s personal story. The peculiar selection of the music stemmed from an earlier encounter in which a rival used the character to insult Costa by bringing up his skin condition.

Melquizael Costa was four years old when he was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin ailment that results in depigmentation. This issue affected not just his looks but also how others around him responded to him. Costa previously said that he experienced prejudice and miscommunication, which caused him depression and to withdraw from social situations.

MMA reporter Nolan King revisited a past incident disclosed by Costa, shedding light on the significance of his walkout song.

The Brazilian gave a statement in which he said: “My fight before the one I had in Mexico, my opponent called me ‘Galinha Pintadinha’. It’s a blue chicken with white dots that’s very famous with babies and small kids in Brazil. He called me that character. I looked at his profile and I saw his profile was ‘Pitbull.”

“So when we came to the faceoff, I went at him and I said, ‘You called me Galinha Pintadinha, right? Be certain that this Dalmatian will crush the pit bull.’ I used my condition to raise myself and put myself in the same situation as him. I don’t care if you call me Galinha Pintadinha or call me a Dalmatian. You can call me a Dalmatian all you want. I don’t care because this Dalmatian will always crush the pit bull.”

Melquizael Costa’s unconventional walkout symbolizes a person’s unwavering resolve to defy limitations. It inspires individuals to embrace their uniqueness and rewrite their narratives on their terms.