(Video) WTH – the moment boxer VOMITS all over the ring after taking a heavy duty punch

A stomach-churning first-round knockout left a boxer vomiting on his knees. Marquez Greer received his 15th consecutive loss against rookie Marquis Williams.

The 26-year-old has lost each of his 15 outings by knockout, including 13 in the first round. And Williams gave their middleweight match an unsettling start.

Soon after, Williams startled Greer by one-two to the head before putting him down with a right-hander to the solar plexus. Amazingly, his helpless opponent got up. However, he started throwing up.

A commentator said: “It looks like he’s throwing up. You’re talking about a serious case of indigestion.”

According to the unified boxing rules, if an opponent begins throwing up the victor is declared by a medical TKO. The match gave Williams his professional career as a result.

The conclusion of his Sunday night appearance surprised fight fans on social media.

One person commented: “That’s certainly the indication to call it quits.”

Another person said: “Oh man, love it when boxing is unusual.”

This isn’t the first time something like this has transpired but it’s generally very uncommon during a bout. One particularly problematic vomit incident was when Paddy PImblett took weight cutting to the extremes.

At the time, Pimblett was just 21 years old. After defeating Erosa, Pimblett had an interview in the cage. Pimblett suddenly vomited something that looked like blood when he was answering the interviewer’s question. He also looked pretty pale which made fans worry about his condition.

Fortunately, soon after the incident, the Liverpudlian revealed that he wasn’t in a serious condition. He confirmed to fans through his social media that it wasn’t blood that he vomited, but “hot chocolate” and “Ferrero rocher”.

“I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind messages asking about my health, I didn’t spew blood, it was hot chocolate and Ferraro Roche I’d consumed. Even on my worst day I got the job done, it’s that simple!”