(Video) Woman teaches a man a valuable lesson thanks to her MMA skills

MMA is a sport that has been predominantly male in terms of both competitors and fan base since its inception. However, MMA is one of the rare sports that doesn’t separate WMMA to their own promotions. Best cards of most MMA promoters include female match ups as well as male. With this in mind, the question arises: can a woman compete with a man of the same weight category in MMA?

Physiological Differences Between Men and Women

Determining who would win between a man and a woman of the same weight category depends on many factors, including the physical and mental differences between the sexes.

Men are naturally assumed to have an advantage in MMA because they are generally taller, heavier, and have more muscle mass than women of the same weight class. Men can carry more weight and muscle on their frame without it being a problem for mobility, while women are lighter-bodied.

The testosterone produced by men also gives them a physiological advantage as it activates muscle fiber growth and twitch responses, resulting in the development of bigger, stronger muscles easier and faster than women. Men are naturally more aggressive than women due to the production of more testosterone. Although women are less aggressive, this doesn’t mean that they can’t make great fighters if motivated by other factors.

The Role of Skill and Technique in MMA

While physical advantages play a significant role in MMA, skill and technique are also crucial factors in determining the outcome.

In rare cases, a woman can beat a man in MMA if she surpasses the man’s natural strength and speed while possessing a higher level of skill and technique. Women are also highly motivated, resilient, and confident, with many of them training themselves over time due to their cultural conditions.

A proficient and experienced female grappler, for instance, could take a man down and control him using wrapping techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, disabling many of his strength and striking advantages. Some high-level techniques and skills can be learned across several martial arts, providing an advantage from skill alone.

A video that recently went viral proves just that – a woman who has put in time into MMA training is more than capable of matching and winning against a man of her size and stature.

The video shows a woman who wasn’t afraid to escalate and once the man swung on her, she was quick to retaliate and actually lands in return.

She wouldn’t let go either, going for a takedown immediately. After securing the body lock the takedown was pretty much a given. Her male opponent was able to neutralize some of the damage from the takedown by posting.

But she quickly transitioned to side control and made it clear t her opponent he was outmatched. She would proceed to land ground and pound. Despite all that, her opponent succeeded in getting up but the joy was short lived.

She once again landed big shots and capitalized with yet another takedown showing that her skillset is complete.

At this point she was determined to control the action on the ground and not let her opponent get up once again. She proceeded to go to a knee on belly position at which point she was landing massive shots and made it clear that the incident was ending in her favor.