(Video) Woman rescues man from attacker

It’s not every day that a woman is capable of defending a man. This is a particularly hot topic considering the initiative from trans athletes to be able to compete with either gender. World Boxing’s governing body recently discussed how it was unfair and unsportsmanlike to let trans competitors compete against either gender – due to unfairness skewered for them or against them.

Yet this lovely lady defied the odds and dared to defend a man. The entire incident was filmed and had started going viral.

A shop camera showcased a line of men waiting in front of a cash register in some time of a convenience store. While the clerk is a female the people in line are all male. This is where things start going awry.

A man grabs the jacked of the guy in front of him and proceeds to slam him into the fridges at the store repeatedly.

The slammed man is wobbly and was possibly not quite himself even prior to incident. The other customers remain oblivious or reluctant to engage and defend the man against the assailant.

One reluctantly tries to intervenes but not before the female clerk approaches them decidedly and takes the justice into her own hands.

The substantially smaller lady appears to have a striking background immedietly forms a fist and lands it straight to the assailant’s jaw.

He shrugs her off initially determined to keep hassling the other man at which point she starts throwing kicks.

The man seems to have underestimated her allowing for her to target and drop him with a fell placed slug to his jaw. At which point she returns behind the counter.