(Video) Woman battered in what her dad believes was ‘setup’ that led to a fatal outcome

Shanquella Robinson, a North Carolina woman, was found dead last month in Los Cabos, Mexico. The 25-year-old was on a vacation with a group of friends and her friends claimed that she died from drinking too much.

However, things might be a little bit twisted.

Recently, Mexican authorities reported that drinking clearly wasn’t the factor in her death. In fact, they found several indicators blunt force trauma to her neck and spine. They said she suffered “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation”. Soon after the autopsy, a homicide investigation was launched.

A horrifying video also emerged online showing Shanquella was brutally battered. The footage was recorded using a phone camera while the person behind the camera was casually observing while recording. At first, the two women seemed like they were having a verbal altercation, but then another person started to assault Shanquella.

Her father, Bernard Robinson, believes that it was no mere altercation. He believes it was a planned murder. Bernard was very emotional during an interview with TMZ.

“They attacked her, man. This ain’t like some … my daughter was asleep man. For all them to be in that room and then, you know, they come in there like no she woke up or whatever, the way it seems like they attacked her, man.” Bernard said.

“You know, for a father… to see that video man, you know, cause my daughter’s not a fighter man, she’s not a fighter, not at all.”

“For them to do what they did man, it just seems like they were plot. They couldn’t of did that over here, where her friends, you know all her friends are. You know, it wouldn’t have went down like that man.”

He added, “They just put a hole in my heart, man. That was my only child. I’m just a heartbroken man. I can’t even be a granddaddy. Can’t even walk her down the aisle man.”