(Video) Woman assaulted during Beach tanning session

While there’s a trend of a “girl boss” culture in the world, women are often the biggest enemies of other women.

The footage that recently went viral is the perfect example of why. A beach tanning session went awry when a woman decided to resolve a dispute there and then.

She appeared to be angered by another woman who had cast some sand onto the towel of the sunbather and her friend.

The sunbather charged at the other woman; however, her assault was relatively easily thwarted.

The two then got into a shoving match complete with hair grabs, the staple of a conflict between untrained women.

Many MMA analysts consider the hip throw as definite proof that WMMA (women’s mixed martial arts) is at a much lower level than men’s. Here we can observe why, considering that the sunbather left herself completely open to it, yet her opponent was none the wiser, and the two practically collapsed backward onto themselves.

Once grounded, the woman tried some ground and pound on the sunbather with moderate success. This is again due to hair grabbing, which prevented the other participant from putting adequate distance between them to strike efficiently.

The sunbather ended up turtling, at which point it seemed like she was on the way to getting defeated.

This exemplifies another wrestling fail considering it would’ve been really easy to subdue the sunbather with a choke from the back or even just maintain top control. Instead, the two practically reset back into turtle with the same issue.

The viral video is indicative of a typical problem among women – the complete lack of self-defense awareness. Videos like this serve as a testament as to why even Detroit Urban Survival isn’t completely useless.

Of course, there’s also the stigma attached to any showcase of aggression among women, which is to their detriment in situations like these where one has to know how to defend herself.

Martial arts culture would’ve gone a long way in making this conflict resolve quickly and efficiently and even possibly be completely avoided.