(Video) Wild MMA halftime show improvs scrap between audience members

A half-time bout in a recent MMA event featured a ridiculous match between audience members.

A typical sports halftime show varies depending on the event or context, but in general, it is a performance or entertainment segment that takes place during the intermission of a sporting event or a concert. Halftime shows are designed to provide entertainment, and create a memorable experience.

Halftime shows sometimes feature surprise guest appearances or collaborations between different artists. This can add excitement and create unique moments for the audience. Many halftime shows involve audience participation to generate a sense of unity and involvement. This can include sing-alongs, clap-alongs, or interactive activities that encourage the crowd to participate.

In a recent HFC event, the promotion featured an MMA bout in halftime. But the contestants obviously weren’t athletes, but non-professionals. They picked two guys from the audience seat who were willing to perform in the halftime show.

Two guys, who seemed to have a bit of experience in martial arts, decided to participate and were placed face-to-face inside the cage. They were set to perform in a quick MMA bout complete with a pair of gloves and a referee. Despite this being just a mini-show in between matches, the two guys went at it for real.

They can be seen getting pretty excited and passionate about it. When the ref signaled the start of the bout, the participants immediately confronted each other. They exchanged several blows and waited for momentum. But, the match ended quickly.

The guy in the blue shirt delivered a combination of punches that landed right on his opponent’s face. The impact easily sent his opponent on the canvas, leaving him rolling on the ground in pain. The ref quickly waved his hands, signaling that the match was over.

The guy in the blue shirt got his win while his opponent hadn’t recovered from it. He can be seen just sitting in the cage holding his pain. It’s unclear whether these guys got paid for their participation. But, seeing how they provided quite an entertaining show, they should at least get a small fee.