(Video) When UFC champ Sean Strickland sparred 3 guys at the same time

In a unique and intense training session a while back, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland showcased his resilience by sparring against three opponents simultaneously. The 32-year-old, known for his assertive sparring style, demonstrated his ability to hold his ground even when faced with overwhelming odds.

Strickland has faced criticism in the past for his intense approach to sparring, with online footage capturing moments where he pushed boundaries, leading to incidents and even knocking out a sparring partner. Despite the controversy, Strickland’s latest training video offers a different perspective, highlighting his passion for rigorous training.

In a resurfaced video, Strickland engaged in a sparring session against three opponents, each similar in size to him. The opponents attacked simultaneously, creating a challenging scenario where Strickland had to defend himself while strategically countering their advances. Despite absorbing punches and kicks, Strickland successfully held his ground.

The training session took a different turn when two opponents collaborated to take Strickland down and attempted to pin him. Undeterred, Strickland displayed remarkable resilience, managing to get back on his feet despite the combined efforts of the three opponents. Ground-and-pound tactics and submission attempts followed, but Strickland continued to resist, ultimately succumbing after a prolonged exchange.

This unconventional training style is not a one-time occurrence for Strickland and his teammates, who embrace such challenges as a means of testing their skills and enjoying a unique training experience.

Having secured the UFC middleweight championship by defeating Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 in Sydney, Australia, Strickland is gearing up for his first title defense. The upcoming bout is scheduled against the number one contender, Dricus du Plessis, headlining UFC 297 on January 20 in Toronto, Canada.

Strickland’s commitment to unorthodox training methods showcases his dedication to continuous improvement, setting the stage for an intriguing title defense against du Plessis in the upcoming UFC event.