(Video) When the ref single handedly stopped a scrap at a MMA event

A while ago event at Brave CF 57 showcased an amazing rematch between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem, filled with animosity and a desire for redemption. Fakhreddine emerged victorious with a knockout win over Maalem, but the intensity of the rivalry spilled over which led to a chaotic aftermath.

The animosity between Fakhreddine and Maalem originated from their first encounter at Brave CF 52 in August. The bout ended with Maalem securing a first-round TKO victory.

However, there was a huge controversy surrounding the finish as Maalem unleashed strikes to the back of Fakhreddine’s head during the finishing sequence. Fakhreddine appealed to the Italian Federation of Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts, and they subsequently overturned the outcome to a no contest.

On Friday’s Bahraini card, Fakhreddine (15-4) defeated Maalem (11-4) by knockout. As he celebrated, he went over to the corner of his opponent and gave the middle finger. That spurred one of the cornermen to mount the cage and leap over it.

However, referee Aaron Wallace swiftly intervened and effectively diffused the escalating situation. Wallace tried his best to contain Fakhreddine but with emotions running high, Fakhreddine broke free from the referee’s restraint. He charged towards the intruder and launched a wild punch.

The scene quickly descended into mayhem as multiple individuals entered the cage. Fortunately Wallace successfully separated the two brawling parties, reestablishing order and civility.

Eventually, the situation became cordial enough for both men to gather in the cage’s center to hear the verdict.

Fakhreddine ended up winning the vacant Brave CF light heavyweight title. But the events that unfolded after the rematch have set the stage for a potential trilogy between Fakhreddine and Maalem. Both athletes showcased their unwavering determination, and their shared history fuels the anticipation for a conclusive showdown in the future.