(Video) When Joe Rogan was pushed towards martial arts after a girl kicked his butt in front of sister

Joe Rogan, the renowned UFC commentator and host of the biggest podcast in the world ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, recently opened up about a harsh experience during his adolescence.

In an episode of his podcast with comedian Louis CK, Rogan shared a story about how he got assaulted by a bigger girl on a school bus in front of his sister.

The incident happened when Rogan was in 9th grade and was on his way to school. He got on the bus and something happened that triggered the girl to start attacking him out of the blue.

Despite being physically able to defend himself, Rogan was unsure whether he should hit a girl back or not. In the end, he decided not to retaliate and let her humiliate him in front of his sister.

“I got beaten up by a girl on a bus when I was 14. Couldn’t even fight back. I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t sure if I could hit her back,” Rogan said.

The incident left a lasting impression on Rogan and he still remembers it vividly. Although he failed to defend himself, it left an impression on his younger and smaller friend

“And then this little guy who winds up being my friend…. tiny little guy, he was like in fifth grade and like the girl beats me up and then he comes over and “i ain’t f****g afraid of you either” Rogan said as he laughed.

Rogan went on to compete in taekwondo and kickboxing several times. He would go on to watch UFC 1 and be inspired to take on jiu-jitsu. He wound up becoming a black belt under both Rigan Machado and Eddie Bravo.

Although he failed to defend himself, the incident left a lasting impact on him and his perspective on martial arts and confrontations. His passion for exploring different viewpoints and sharing stories is the foundation of his successful podcast, which has captivated millions of listeners worldwide.