(Video) When GSP brought his dad bod having Muay thai coach to manhandle everyone

TUF had some of the most memorable moments in MMA.

Due to it being a reality show, most of the best moments came from backstage footage.

One of the most unforgettable clips showed when Georges St-Pierre’s seemingly out-of-shape friend completely owned the prospects.

Back in 2010, TUF season 12 featured former UFC two-division champion George St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck.

In one of the episodes, St-Pierre and his team were in the gym training for the showdown. Then, GSP welcomed his friend, a professional kickboxer Jean-Charles Skarbowsky.

Skarbowsky flew all the way from his home country of, France. When he entered the training room, UFC prospects were all surprised to learn that this seemingly out of shape man was their latest coach.

Skarbowsky joined them, seemingly still a bit ‘under the weather’.

Not only was he out of himself, Skarbowsky also wasn’t built like a combat sports athlete. He was out of shape and had the typical dad bod.

However, Skarbowsky quickly impressed everyone when they started sparring.

He faced every one on GSP’s team and easily manhandled them.

“Apparently, Jean-Charles only sleeps like 3 hours a night and before practice he gets wasted..” – BJJ coach John Danaher shared

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky started his professional kickboxing career in 1992. He had an impressive 20 win streak spanning from 1994 to 2000. The 47-year-old had several notable achievements, including winning the Superbout Kings Cup in 2002 and winning I.S.K.A. Muaythai World champion in 2000.