(Video) When George Foreman became oldest heavyweight boxing champion with a KO at 46

In the historic clash of 1994, George Foreman showcased his exceptional punching prowess against Michael Moorer. At the age of 45, Foreman aimed to etch his name in history as the oldest heavyweight champion of all time.

For nine intense rounds, the two combatants exchanged blows. As the match approached its climax, Michael  Moorer had the advantage on the judges’ scorecards.

However, George Foreman’s determination knew no bounds. In the tenth round, he emerged with a relentless assault.

Foreman’s unwavering resolve paid off as he unleashed a thunderous straight right hand, sending Moorer crashing to the canvas flat on his back. Though Moorer struggled to rise, all he could manage was to lift his head as the referee decided to halt the bout.

Foreman’s grip on the heavyweight world title extended for another year, solidifying his status as the oldest heavyweight world champion at 46 years and 169 days old. This record stands unchallenged to this day.

Following this triumph, Foreman engaged in three more bouts. He ended up securing victories in two and facing defeat at the hands of Shannon Briggs before ultimately retiring for the second time in 1997.

This decision came after he had already retired in 1977 after his historic victory against Joe Frazier in 1973 to become the world champion for the first time.

A year later, Foreman clashed with the legendary Muhammad Ali in ‘The Rumble in the Jungle,’ marking one of the most iconic bouts in boxing history. However, he ended up losing the match.

While Foreman never quite recaptured the form that crowned him world champion for the first time, he bid farewell to the ring.

But he got his redemption by making a comeback to the ring, starting off his second stint. His career finally ended with an impressive record of 76 wins and 5 losses. He won 68 of those matches via knockout.