(Video) When Ego Meets Reality: He dared an MMA pro to square up

Ian Garry, a UFC Welterweight, was recently challenged by a fan in a parking lot after UFC 285. Although Garry declined the offer, not all MMA professionals are as generous.

A viral clip featured a man who dared to call out a professional mixed martial artist on a basketball court. From the first frame, it was clear who the expert was, and it became evident why this was not the smartest idea.

Both men were barefoot, and an onlooker coached the challenger, advising him to keep his hands up.

The MMA pro assessed his opponent and landed measured shots while avoiding his adversary’s attempts to close the distance. He quickly delivered an inside calf kick to the challenger’s leg, effectively stopping his progress.


Then, the MMA pro set up a fantastic combination, landing two bare-knuckle strikes straight to the opponent’s head, causing a muffled yelp. However, the challenger did not give up and instead tried to move forward again. But his opponent was quick to read his plans and delivered a similar combination once more.

With an inside leg kick followed by a 1-2 punch combo, the challenger was knocked out cold. Luckily, neither of them suffered any cuts, given that bare-knuckle boxing is more prone to creating cuts than mixed martial arts.

This contest showcased a fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fact – even the weakest blue belt can defeat an untrained opponent, regardless of their size.

Becoming a mixed martial artist takes real skills and repetition. Even an amateur fighter requires extensive training, and a novice cannot compete without it. Simply watching MMA is not equivalent to training for it. This young man learned this lesson the hard way. Regardless, he appears to have survived the duel unscathed. Lesson learned!