(Video) When Conor McGregor revealed his trash-talk was inspired by Bruce Lee

When McGregor took the MMA world by storm with his UFC debut in 2013, he quickly gained fame for his unique striking style and his massive left.

Additionally, McGregor became renowned for his exceptional mic skills.

The Irishman was considered one of the best trash talkers in the history of sports. Conor had a knack for getting under his opponents’ skin, causing them to feel nervous and in turn behave out of character in the octagon.

During a recent interview on Tony Robbins, McGregor discussed this aspect of his game plan and where he drew inspiration from.

“I observe my opponent. I really study them, you know? Know yourself to know others. That’s a quote from Bruce Lee. When you truly know yourself, you can understand others,” McGregor shared with Tony Robbins during the interview.

“So, I understand how I feel, and I understand how my opponent feels. I know what I can say to push their buttons. I know what they’re thinking; I know their fears. I know their worries, and I bring them into the spotlight. I expose them; I make them think about it.”

“I made Jose Aldo, an undefeated champion and the first UFC featherweight champion, feel like an old man.”

However, McGregor’s trash-talking doesn’t seem to be as effective as it once was.

Despite having one of the most spectacular championship runs in MMA history, McGregor’s career appears to be on the decline.

“The Notorious” hasn’t secured a victory since January 2020, when he defeated Donald Cerrone at UFC 246.

His last lightweight victory dates back nearly six years ago, when he claimed the title against Eddie Alvarez in November 2016.

Recently, Conor has lost three out of his last four, and the last person to defeat him was also one of the first victims of Conor’s mind games.

Back in 2014, during UFC 178, McGregor faced Poirier in one of his early showcases of his verbal abilities. The two stole the show during the event’s press conferences, making their bout the most anticipated of the night.

During the bout, McGregor made Poirier appear significantly inferior. He completely dominated the action and effortlessly knocked out the American in the first round.

Poirier later admitted that McGregor had successfully gotten into his head, causing him to underperform due to his anger.

The two had a rematch in 2021, where Conor seemed to be “out of character.” McGregor was polite and respectful towards Poirier during the press conferences.

Poirier later acknowledged that not having to deal with McGregor’s sharp tongue was a relief for him.