(Video) When Chinese heavyweight feared burst testicle after scary low blow

Chinese heavyweight sensation Aorigele, renowned for his immense popularity both in his home country and worldwide, has faced his fair share of challenges throughout his career.

While his strength and agility have drawn comparisons to former UFC star Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson, one particular event stands out in the minds of MMA fans—a groin kick that left onlookers in utter disbelief.

It was in 2017 when Aorigele entered the cage to face off against Hyun Man Myung at Road FC 39, aiming for his third consecutive first-round knockout after a series of impressive victories. However, his quest for glory took a painful turn mere seconds into the bout when his opponent landed an excruciating low blow.

The impact was so severe that it sent Aorigele crashing to the canvas, writhing in agony, and even causing one witness to feel physically ill.

Following the incident, Aorigele’s well-being became a primary concern. Fortunately, Road FC promoters quickly reassured fans that he had been released from the hospital without any lasting or permanent damage.

In his first statement addressing the incident, Aorigele displayed remarkable sportsmanship, refusing to place blame on his opponent and expressing his commitment to making a full recovery.

He stated, “What’s important now is to fully heal, return to Road FC, face Myung Hyun-Man again, and deliver an electrifying match. Many people may have misconstrued what occurred during our fight. It was purely an accident, and Myung Hyun-Man didn’t intend to cause harm.”

True to his resilient nature, Aorigele made a triumphant comeback to the Road FC cage a little over three months later.

With four more wins under his belt, he extended his winning streak to an impressive six. However, it’s impossible to forget the indelible mark left by that fateful low blow, forever etching it in the annals of combat sports history.