(Video) When an MMA star had a brew in between rounds instead of water

Paulo Bananada is a seasoned professional in mixed martial artist.

Yet he made a foolish decision that resulted in severe consequences during a match a while back. The incident involved him consuming a brew, leading to detrimental effects on his performance.

With a career spanning back to 2007, Bananada has amassed extensive experience as an MMA athlete, competing in various promotions. However, his record of 29 wins and 24 losses may not be particularly impressive, and this can be attributed to his approach towards the sport. The 38-year-old has gained a reputation for frequently having a brew in between rounds, suggesting a lack of seriousness when it comes to his MMA career.

The incident in question took place during FFC 40, a mixed martial arts event organized by the Peru-based MMA promotion Fusion FC, back in September 2019.

Bananada faced off against Johnny Iwasaki in a welterweight bout characterized by intense exchanges. Despite both delivering powerful blows, they managed to complete the first round without sustaining any significant injuries. While Iwasaki engaged in a discussion with his cornermen during the break, Bananada decided to employ a rather absurd method to cool himself down.

Rather than opting for a refreshing sip of water like most, Bananada reached out for his brew. A viral video circulating on social media captured the moment as he procured the beverage from outside the cage and proceeded to drink it all. It is worth noting that MMA promotions often provide drinks for the audience at the venue, making it relatively easy for athletes to access one.

While this act may not immediately appear problematic, consuming a brw during an MMA bout is undoubtedly ill-advised. Even a single glass may not necessarily make most individuals feel the effect, but it can impair balance and induce a mild sense of dizziness. Such effects pose significant risks in an MMA match where participants rely heavily on their focus and coordination.

Not to mention that a brew will actually dehydrate you – and considering MMA stars undergo a weight cut it can be the deciding factor.

Bananada faced the repercussions of his thoughtless behavior as the subsequent rounds unfolded. He experienced a considerable decline in performance, ultimately losing the bout.