(Video) When a MMA pro got his eye accidentally glued shut in between rounds

In the world of combat sports, incidents often defy expectations and leave a lasting impact.

Experiencing an MMA bout in which your eye is glued shut is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar scenarios a mixed martial artist can encounter throughout their career.

This extraordinary incident unfolded during the highly anticipated Watch Out Combat 24 event in Rio De Janeiro, specifically during the featherweight clash between Carlos Lobo and Marcos Nene.

While Lobo had successfully dominated the first two rounds, he faced an unexpected and astonishing turn of events during the break between rounds.

As Lobo returned to his corner after the second round, he was greeted by a wild revelation.

The event organizers had noticed that one of the advertisements had become loose and promptly took action to reaffix it using super glue.

However, in an odd sequence of events, a few drops of the adhesive accidentally landed on Lobo’s head. Unfortunately, mistaking it for Vaseline, Lobo attempted to wipe it off, unwittingly spreading the super glue onto his eyelids, resulting in his right eye being sealed shut.

Immediately realizing the gravity of the situation, Lobo’s team and the attending medical staff rallied to find a solution. Exhausting all possible avenues, they attempted to pry open his eyelids using gauze pads, scissors, fingers, and even exerted brute force.

The distressed star endured these invasive and unwelcome attempts at first aid, with some even resorting to the extreme measure of cutting his eyelashes in an effort to alleviate the predicament.

Throughout this ordeal, one can only imagine the thoughts and emotions racing through Lobo’s mind. The frustration, pain, and uncertainty must have been overwhelming.

Recognizing the inability to provide adequate medical treatment within the confines of the cage, the bout was ultimately declared a no-contest. However, both the crowd and Lobo’s camp expressed their dissatisfaction with this abrupt ending, particularly due to Lobo’s undeniable dominance in the first two rounds.

Subsequently, upon reviewing the judges’ scorecards, the decision was overturned, and Lobo was rightfully declared the winner.