(Video) When a corner does the right thing for their man: ‘I’ve gotta stop it, your son’s gonna die’

In 2013, Gennady Golovkin faced off against Gabriel Rosado to showcase his unmatched prowess as a middleweight world champion. At age 30, Golovkin was in his prime and in the midst of a run of 23 straight knockout victories.

Golovkin’s reputation as one of the best boxers globally was indisputable during the time of this intense match. Despite not achieving massive mainstream recognition, many opponents were reluctant to face the formidable GGG. Competitors were wary of his remarkable skills and knockout power.

Amidst the hesitancy from other combatants, Gabriel Rosado fearlessly accepted the opportunity to face Golovkin. Throughout his career, Rosado consistently sought out challenging matchups against tough opponents and promising prospects.

Even in the face of defeat, he earned widespread respect for his unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of greatness.

Rosado left behind a record of 26-17-1, with each loss marked by commendable performances.

The match between Golovkin and Rosado was a must see encounter that showcased Golovkin’s dominance. After enduring a relentless beating for seven rounds, Rosado’s corner faced a heart-wrenching decision.

HBO’s remarkable corner footage captured the gut-wrenching conversation between Rosado’s trainer Billy Briscoe and his father Chino Rosado.

With Golovkin relentlessly pummeling Rosado, Briscoe voiced his concern to Rosado Sr. He said: “I’ve gotta stop it Chino, I’ve gotta stop it baby.”

Initially resistant, Rosado Sr maintained his stoic demeanor and responded with a resolute “No.”

However, the distressing sight of Rosado enduring the onslaught of punches pushed Briscoe to make a passionate plea. He said: “Chino I’ve gotta stop it man, Chino I’ve gotta stop it, your son’s gonna die man, he can’t see the punches.”

Finally, Rosado Sr conceded. He agreed: “Alright, alright.”

Recognizing the gravity of the moment, Rosado’s trainer and a commission official immediately sprang into action. They swiftly ascended the ring apron, and threw in the towel to signal the end of the match.