(Video) When 260lbs bodybuilder Bradley Martyn got outwrestled by strongman Brian Shaw

In a recently resurfaced video, iconic strongman Brian Shaw can be seen showing off his extraordinary strength by effortlessly overpowering Bradley Martyn. The clip shows how Martyn is easily out grappled by Shaw, who then lifts and carries Martyn.

Despite Martyn’s best efforts to defend himself, he found himself outmatched by Brian Shaw. Shaw’s iconic career includes victories in the prestigious World’s Strongest Man competitions in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016.

At 41 years old, Brian Shaw boasts an impressive record of 27 international competition wins. He recently retired in 2023. The grappling exchange shown in the video is believed to be from a 2021 upload on Martyn’s official YouTube channel.

Bradley Martyn is a prominent figure in the bodybuilding and social media influencer spheres. He has recently made waves in the combat sports community. His audacious statements about potentially defeating smaller professional combatants in a street brawl have garnered attention.

The resurfaced video featuring Martyn’s encounter with Shaw has sparked a flurry of responses from the MMA community. Most of the viewers have made fun of the YouTuber, with one calling Martyn “weak.” Another said that he shouldn’t engage in combat with someone who isn’t physically unfit.

Also, Martyn’s repeated claims of weighing 260 pounds have become a subject of jest among fans. One fan tweeted: “260? just a lil baby boy.”

Other fans made fun of the fact that Martyn’s ego was bruised by Shaw’s demeaning treatment of him. One Twitter (X) user also hinted that the influencer probably uses st**oids.

Earlier this year, Bradley Martyn boldly declared his ability to triumph over any professional combatant from lighter weight classes in a street-brawl scenario.

This assertion prompted former UFC flyweight champion and current ONE flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson to challenge Martyn to a grappling match. This was an offer that Martyn readily accepted.

In a recent YouTube video, Demetrious Johnson offers a different perspective. He suggests that Martyn’s public feud with him may be driven more by a desire for online attention and views. Johnson also implied that Martyn may not genuinely intend to face him in a grappling matchup.

He said: “For somebody who’s going around asking everybody if I would be in a street fight, don’t you get the point that this guy is doing it for the views, and you guys talking about it? Like, think about it. Think really hard.”