(Video) ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host tried to body-slam a contestant, and failed miserably

A recent episode of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” took a strange turn when host Pat Sajak put contestant Fred Jackson in a wrestling hold after he played a perfect game. Although the incident was meant to be a joke, it left many viewers feeling uncomfortable and questioning Sajak’s behavior.

Fred Jackson is a professional wrestler who also works as a drama teacher and bar trivia host. He appeared on the Hawaii-themed episode of “Wheel of Fortune” and played a perfect game. He solved the puzzle phrase “His mind is wandering” and won an additional $40,000, bringing his grand total to $75,800. Overcome with emotion, Jackson hugged someone else onstage and was then tackled by Sajak.

The clip of the incident was posted on the show’s account, and fans had mixed reactions. Some found it entertaining and funny, while others were uncomfortable with Sajak’s behavior.

This is not the first time that Sajak has made contestants feel uncomfortable on the show. In a recent episode, he made fun of a contestant’s fear of fish by bringing out a toy swimmer and handing it to another contestant, causing the scared woman to hide her face in her hands. And a week before that, Sajak pulled a man’s beard, which also caused a stir among fans.