(Video) WEF clash with massive soccer kick – and a DQ

In a recent MMA showdown at the World Ertaymash Federation (WEF), fans witnessed a jaw-dropping moment that ultimately led to a disqualification. This thrilling and somewhat controversial incident occurred during WEF Profight 55, a major event held on October 3 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

WEF, a prominent mixed martial arts promotion headquartered in Kyrgyzstan, is known for delivering exciting and action-packed events, and this event was no exception.

One of the most memorable moments unfolded during a lightweight bout featuring Akbarbek Tulkinboev and Temirlan Zair in the preliminary card. Despite their relative lack of experience in the sport, both fighters displayed unwavering determination and an unyielding spirit. They kicked off the match with gusto, showcasing their skills in the cage. The contest was evenly matched, involving a flurry of striking exchanges, and it eventually progressed to the second round.

However, the action took an unexpected and unfortunate turn. Just seconds into the second round, Zair seized an opportunity and landed a devastating overhand right squarely on Tulkinboev’s jaw. The impact was staggering, causing Tulkinboev to drop to the canvas. As he lay there, semi-conscious, victory seemed imminent for Zair.

But in the heat of the moment, Zair made a critical error. Fueled by adrenaline and the prospect of victory, he rushed towards Tulkinboev and delivered a soccer kick to his grounded opponent’s face. The force of the kick sent Tulkinboev sprawling, unconscious, on the canvas. Witnessing this blatant breach of the rules, the referee promptly intervened, stopping the match, and subsequently, disqualifying Zair.

Ironically, Zair, unaware that his move was illegal, celebrated the kick’s apparent success inside the cage. However, like many other MMA organizations, WEF strictly prohibits kicks to an opponent’s head when they are grounded.

This unfortunate turn of events left Zair not only disappointed but also robbed of what seemed like an imminent victory. As for Akbarbek Tulkinboev, this victory marked a triumphant return to the win column. The Uzbek athlete had previously suffered a loss against Almaz Ruslan, making his total MMA record now stand at 2 wins and 1 loss.