(Video) Wait, what? Referee aids MMA star in shaking off low blow in a peculiar scene

Alash Pride FC is a mixed martial arts promotion based in Kazakhstan. Fans there witnessed an unusual moment during its recent event, Alash Pride 94, held in Shymkent on January 28. The peculiar incident occurred during a flyweight bout between Rayimbek Tazhibaev and Makhmudkhan Beibit, leaving fans both confused and amused.

The flyweight clash, marked by aggressive yet calculated exchanges, took an unexpected turn when Tazhibaev inadvertently delivered a powerful low blow to Beibit. The impact rendered Beibit incapacitated, collapsing onto the canvas. Reacting promptly, the referee halted the match to assess Beibit’s condition, granting him additional recovery time despite his apparent distress.

In an unconventional twist, the referee and medical team employed a rather eccentric recovery treatment. Initially resorting to the traditional Russian Foot Slap—a method involving lightly slapping the sole of the athlete’s foot—the attempt proved ineffective in alleviating Beibit’s pain. Undeterred, a member of the medical team adopted a more unorthodox approach, rolling Beibit onto his belly, lifting both legs from behind, and gently shaking them.

Adding to the peculiarity, the practitioner occasionally placed his foot on Beibit’s buttocks while continuing the rhythmic leg shaking. Despite the unconventional nature of the method, it yielded positive results, as Beibit gradually recovered and opted to resume the match.

The competitors re-engaged in the bout, progressing to the second round. Beibit showcased his grappling prowess, ultimately securing victory over Tazhibaev. Within two minutes of the second round, Beibit executed a guillotine choke, compelling Tazhibaev to tap out and sealing Beibit’s triumph via submission.

The incident, captured and shared on social media, drew attention to the unorthodox recovery methods employed during the Alash Pride 94 event.