(Video) Volkanovski gets Very confused when influencer asks for the two to hold hands during interview

MMA has an undeniable connection with masculinity so it’s always surprising to see masculinity get questioned and put on the spot.

A seemingly sexually fluid reporter asked Alexander Volkanovski to hold hands. The UFC featherweight champion got hilariously stumped with the sudden question. He also appeared visibly uncomfortable and almost as if to question if he’s being pranked.

A video of Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski’s reaction went viral on social media. It’s just a short clip of a lengthy interview showing one moment where the interviewer had a pretty unusual request.

The interviewer, whose face is unseen on camera, asked the pound-for-pound king to hold hands with him. In the first second of the video, it looks like they just discussed a completely different subject. Many people think the interviewer fancies Volk due to having painted nails.

“Do you mind if we hold hands?” The interviewer asked.

Volkanovski was more than surprised to hear such a strange request. The 34-year-old Australian instantly changed expression and asked if it was a serious request.

“Is that legit?” Volkanovski asked as he laughed. Meanwhile, another guy behind the camera hilariously said, “Wrong vibe! Wrong vibe!”

Many MMA fans found this simply hilarious. They quickly jumped to the comment section to add more jokes.

“Clearly looking at his wife for permission.” One fan wrote, while another added, “He should’ve interviewed Izzy instead lmaoo” and “Bro getting interviewed by an Izzy fan.”

Meanwhile, the others are more baffled with the bizarre request, believing it’s pretty inappropriate.

“As so many have already said – it’s a very unusual request during an interview and is beyond “non standard”. So one cannot expect a standard response from Volk. He likely thought it was a candid camera joke.” One fan wrote.

The interviewer turned out to be Jordan Simi, a former rugby league player turned influencer and podcaster.

This isn’t the oddest request Volkanovski has gotten. Previously an infamous UFC fan asked him to be present for the birth of the son’s child – and surprisingly Volk was game.


Alexander Volkanovski is set to move up to the lightweight division to face Islam Makhachev. He will challenge the Dagestani for the lightweight belt. The pair will headline at UFC 284, taking place in Volkanovski’s home country Australia on February 12.